An Evening on the Ganges

When we talk about Ganges and evening the 1st thing that comes to our mind is the Ganga Aarthi of Haridwar and Banaras. But how about spending a romantic river ride in a canvas of beautifully painted sky and offsetting sun in behind?

88. Vidyasagar Setu (Second Hooghly Bridge), Princep Ghat, Kolkata-2017

Along with the historical monuments the city of joy Kolkata has this one more experience for it’s people. It’s a 30 minutes to 1 hour ride which starts from the Princep Ghat. The trip charges around 350-400 INR for an hour. To get the best view of the Vidyasagar Bridge it’s better to avail the ride from the gate (Gate 2), which is in front of the Scoop restaurant. There river here is deep and calm, so to avoid any unpleasant event the sailors insist to wear the life jackets available in the boats.

In case you are travelling to Kolkata or you are a local and have not experienced this ride, do go for it. If you are an ice-cream lover, a scoop of your favourite flavour from the Scoop after this ride will act as a cherry to this trip.




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