Mumbai in a Day

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Couple of days back while travelling to another place I had a brisk stay in Mumbai for a day. I wanted to go to the Siddhivinayak temple and visit old friends, that’s why planned a day stay there before my trip. But at the end of the day I ended up doing so many things that I felt like pen it down. My this article might help you to prepare your itinerary if you are planning to stay in Mumbai for a day.

I took an evening flight from Kolkata so that I can spend the next day completely in Mumbai. My day started at 6:30 am with the blessings of Siddhivinayak. I have been to Siddhivinayak before when I was travelling for office work. For people who are not aware of the famous Siddhivinayak temple I would like to mention that it’s temple devoted to the Hindu god Lord Shri Ganesha.

My next destination was the Mahalaxmi Temple.  It is situated in the Mahalaxmi area. In the temple the three Deities Shri Mahalakshmi, Shree Mahakali and Shree Mahasaraswati resides. Outside the main temple I saw people holding coins against the wall of the temple. When I asked one of the devotees he explained that it’s a belief that while holding the coin if you make some wish and if your coin gets stuck to the wall it means that Devi will fulfill your wishes.

The Haji Ali Dargah is just a walking distance from Mahalakxmi. It’s located in a island off the sea shore. So from Mahalakshmi my next destination was Haji Ali Dargah.

After a good religious morning I grabbed a vada pav for breakfast and headed towards the Elephanta Caves. It is a network of sculpted caves located on Elephanta Island which is located on a arm of the Arabian Sea. From The Gateway of India you will get to-and-forth boat to the cave. Per ticket costs around INR 200* for both ways ride but if you want to travel on the top deck of the ferry boat then you have to pay INR 10/20* in the boat.

Elephanta is perfect for you if you are in love with your camera. Here you will find beautiful sculptures which are too good to be ignored. The cave is situated at the top of a hill. There are few decent restaurants at the top so you can plan your lunch there. By the time I returned to the main land it was already 6 pm. I was tired but still had the last drop of energy left to head towards Juhu Beach.

It’s relaxing to soak your feet in the warm water of the sea after a tiring day. Nothing can be better if you have a plate of pav bhaji and kulfi to accompany. Unfortunately that day I was too tired to explore more of Mumbai. So after that I just crawled back to my hotel… next day I have to move towards my destination.


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